Last Exit Westend

A collection of texts about Digital Services and Web Analytics. By Michael Dlugosch

Contextual knowledge?

I live as a foreigner in Finland. My OS language is English, my browser language is English, but even when browsing German media sites, I get Finnish advertising. Context used wrong. Or, more profoundly: wrong context used. Since the advent of mobile browsing (fun fact: 74% of all web traffic is said to be mobile…

Disruption killed the radio star

Imagine the car industry would tomorrow set up a similar campaign as the UK music industry did in the Eighties with their “home taping is killing music” campaign.

This automobile campaign’s tagline could then be: “Car sharing is killing engineering”, possibly re-using a similar black-and-white composite stencil visual, complete with a jolly roger featuring a car silhouette as the skull (resembling an old Morris, maybe?), and depicting a queue of people standing in line to get in for a ride, forming the shape of one of the bones.